Anderson Silva Cleared to Return to Training

Well, it came a lot quicker than we thought it would, even if Anderson Silva and his camp thought it would come quicker than doctor’s predicted. Anderson Silva has been given the clearance to get back into the gym and start training for his UFC return. Crazy, right? Then again, it was the end of December when Anderson Silva injured his leg against Chris Weidman and it is May now. Maybe it’s right on track?

Dana White, of course, has opinions. [source]

“What? Anderson Silva is saying something completely opposite of what’s happening? I don’t believe it,” he joked. “This is what he does every time he talks to the media. He says, ‘I absolutely will not fight Chael Sonnen again.’

“He always does that with the media. I don’t know if he likes to play with you guys or what he likes to do, but I said, he’ll be back in 2014 or first thing in 2015. End of 2014 or beginning of 2015 is what I said.”