Alistair Overeem Holds it Together for Decision Over Frank Mir

At UFC 169 it was a big night for Alistair Overeem as he was looking to prove that he’s put in some serious work on his cardio and that he was capable of more than just brutal, quick knockouts. While a knockout win over Frank Mir would have been tremendous, a dominant decision victory over Frank Mir without Alistair Overeem gassing might be even more valuable for him, as he was able to prove to the world tonight that he’s capable of more than just looking great and fading.

In fact, he did look great in round one, knocking Mir down and getting him into trouble, only for Mir to be tough-as-nails and survive. Mir was actually out-grappled by Overeem in round one, but in round two he landed a takedown and had Overeem in a few compromising situations. Alistair Overeem walked away with the decision while Frank Mir looked like a truck hit him, making it a fitting beginning to a new chapter for Overeem.