Alistair Overeem Gets Knocked Out By Travis Browne

Yeah, I mean, at this point it’s crazy to imagine that we at one point were talking about Alistair Overeem getting an immediate title shot in the UFC. Alistair Overeem’s UFC run has turned into a bit of a bust as he now has back-to-back losses to Antonio Silva and Travis Browne, with Browne being a considerable step down the ladder in the UFC’s shallow Heavyweight division. I won’t lie, it is pretty upsetting. Overeem started off strong against Travis Browne and honestly, the fight probably should have been stopped earlier on in the fight, but Browne continued to fight. Overeem landed some brutal knees and body shots only for Browne to land a big front kick to the face that dropped Overeem and followed up with some hammerfists.

Damn. GIF from @ZProphetMMA.