Alistair Overeem Enjoys Jackson MMA’s Vibe Thus Far

For a brief time Alistair Overeem was a man without a home, but now it seems like he’s getting comfortable with Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. E. Casey Lydon caught up with Alistair Overeem who was “feeling out” the Jackson camp and The Reem had nothing but positive things to say about it thus far, which seems like a good sign. In fact, he claimed that he wanted to give it a shot before, but the fact that both Travis Browne and Frank Mir were opponents of his and that they had trained at Jackson’s MMA made it a bit more complicated.

“Still testing the waters. Still feeling it out, but a very positive gym, positive feel. The first impression is I like it. I like to think of myself as strategic, and in that sense we (Greg Jackson and I) speak the same language. Very positive entrance. The guys in the gym were cool.

“So far very positive.”

So for now it looks like Alistair Overeem and Jackson’s MMA are in their honeymoon phase. [transcription via BE]