Alistair Overeem is a Blackzilian No More

The Blackzilian team started off as a place for Rashad Evans to train in Florida after he left Greg Jackson and the boys in Albuquerque behind when Jackson started fully supporting Jon Jones. The team formed because Rashad needed a team until Glenn Robinson, his manager, decided to go all-in on building a state-of-the-art training center and team in Florida, which led to the creation of the Jaco Training Center and Team Jaco that no one calls Team Jaco, but just the Blackzilians. Former K-1 World Grand Prix Champion Alistair Overeem has made a home for himself there in the past few years but it looks like while Glenn is still his manager, he’s been training elsewhere.

We already showed you photos of Alistair Overeem training in Thailand for his upcoming fight with Frank Mir, but now Glenn Robinson has officially stated that Alistair Overeem is not training with the Blackzilian camp anymore. [source]

“No, Alistair doesn’t train with us, he trains in Thailand,” Robinson said. “He’s welcome back, but he’s decided to do his camp in Thailand. It was a great camp. I talked to him last night, and it was a great camp and he said he feels fantastic. He’s in really good spirits.

“He’s welcome — he’s always welcome. It’s always his home if he wants it to be, but right now he’s not looking past the fight he has in a couple of weeks, that’s the most important thing. And we’ll see after that what he wants to do.”