Alistair Overeem Admits That He Might Have Lost Focus Against Bigfoot Silva

As a fan of Alistair Overeem there was probably no worse moment in recent history than Alistair Overeem’s performance against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. It was heartbreaking, in a way, because Overeem is capable of so much but put forth a confident — some would say overconfident — front during the fight, which led to him being brutally knocked out by Bigfoot in the third round. Overeem hasn’t spoken about that loss that much, but he has admitted that he might have lost some focus going into that bout and that it was a solid learning experience.

As long as he learned not to do that again, right?

“It could seem like that,” Overeem conceded. “It could seem like I was less focused than the rest of the fight.”

“Losing is part of the game,” Overeem said, “We lost, we have certainly grown from that loss, and now it’s on with the next thing.”