Alexander Shlemenko Defends Bellator Title on March 28th vs. Ward

Bellator has its ups and downs, with a lot of it seeming like downs, but in the Middleweight division Alexander Shlemenko is something to behold. Not because he’s the best fighter in the world, because we have our doubts about how he’d look against Chris Weidman or Anderson Silva, but because he’s exciting. Part of what makes MMA special is that it is, at its heart, entertainment, so fighters like Alexander Shlemenko who are intrinsically exciting and entertaining to watch makes us tune in almost every damned time.

That is something that Bellator doesn’t always have, which makes Alexander Shlemenko a very special fighter for them. Alexander Shlemenko returns to the Bellator ring on March 28th where he will defend his Bellator Middleweight Championship against Brennan Ward, live on Spike TV. I can’t think of a single Brennan Ward moment off of the top of my head, but it’s not like you’d be watching for him anyway.

Here is a highlight of Shlemenko in action.