Alexander Gustafsson wants Jon Jones to sign the damn bout agreement

Photo Credit: USA Today/Tom Szczerbowski 

Alexander wants Jon Jones to sign the bout agreement, but why should he? The guy is knee-deep in contract negotiations, and frankly, it seems like they have the potential to last a while. Some may say that Jones is ‘ducking’ Alexander Gustafsson, a man he already defeated in a narrow-but-clear decision, I just think he’s making sure he gets paid exactly what the most dominant champion in UFC history deserves: Anderson Silva money.

Still, Alex doesn’t seem to care. He wants a bout agreement to be signed.

This quote is from Alex via MMAJunkie:

“I would rather fight, of course, in Sweden, which is my backyard,” Gustafsson said. “But if the fight is not happening there, I would rather it be in Las Vegas.

“I’m not even thinking about how he thinks or what he does. For me, it’s just, sign that bout agreement. Let’s go.”