Alexander Gustafsson thinks Jon Jones is trying to avoid him

I think Gus is getting a little full of himself here. Jones clearly beat him and came closer to finishing Gus than Gus came to finishing Jones. It’s just how it is. Yes, I’m sure many will disagree, but the bottom line is that Jones won on that night, and both men were brutalized like they’ve never been before.

Whether or not Jones is trying to avoid Gus again? I dunno. Maybe he just believes that variety is the spice of life. Besides, he’s definitely avoiding Cormier, so maybe he isn’t too worried about Gus, a guy he already defeated.

Still Gus suggested Jones was avoiding him on Fox Sports.

“The thing is he knows — he knows I’m a really bad matchup for him.  He knows that. I don’t think Jones is scared or he’s trying to run or anything like that.  He just knows that I’m a really bad matchup and he knows that we will fight one day.  He knows that, but he’s trying to avoid it as long as he can.”

“The future looks very good and I’m very excited.”