Alexander Gustafsson Plans to Never Take the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship Belt Off

There is a certain phenomenon within the world of Mixed Martial Arts that is known as “Tim Sylviaing.” If you aren’t aware of Tim Sylviaing, let me explain it. When Tim Sylvia held the UFC Heavyweight Championship he was known to never take the damned belt off. Tim Sylvia would seriously walk around in public wearing his UFC Heavyweight Championship belt because he was so damned proud of it. There were reports of public Tim Sylvia sightings of him with the belt and it just led to build up the legend of Tim Sylvia being an absolute weirdo even further.

I can vouch for Tim Sylvia being a weirdo as he was walking around the casino before UFC 55 and introducing himself to people as, “Hey, I’m Tim Sylvia, former UFC Heavyweight Champion.” I was eating in a restaurant with a friend before the show where Tim Sylvia decided to walk in and introduce himself to everyone who would make eye contact with him. When he found out that I knew who he was, he was happy to talk for a while as well as take food off of my plate. I’m not joking about that, Tim Sylvia took french fries from my plate before UFC 55. What got him to leave? Andrei Arlovski, who was involved in that night’s main event, came in with his crew and sat at the table next to ours and Sylvia kind of high-tailed it.

Anyway, now that we’ve established some of the ridiculousness of Tim Sylviaing, Alexander Gustafsson has plans to do exactly that, according to an interview he did with my buddy, Matt Roth.

“First of all, I’ll be enjoying seeing my family and friends. My dogs and being around them. I will have that belt around my waist for a month. I will shower with it. Sleep with it. I will eat with it. I will train with it. I’m go fish and hunt with it. I will do everything with that belt.”