Aleks Emelianenko in Trouble Again

It seems like Aleks Emelianenko just can’t stay out of trouble sometimes, doesn’t it? The most recent Aleks Emelianenko bit of news is that there were accusations of Emelianenko raping his housekeeper and stealing her passport from her. Those charges were eventually dropped and she admitted that it was consensual, but Russian authorities have seemingly had their fill of Emelianenko, who was last in trouble for assaulting an elderly man at a coffee shop.

Aleks Emelianenko is now on the Russian most wanted list. [source]

Russian authorities have put renowned Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Aleksander Emelianenko on a wanted list on suspicion of housekeeper abuse and passport theft, investigators said Wednesday.

Vladimir Markin, a spokesperson for the country’s Investigative Committee said that Emelianenko had been put on the federal wanted list as “he disappeared and did not appear for questioning at the scheduled time,” adding that charges were forthcoming.