Adidas Signs Wayne Barrett to Sponsorship Deal

GLORY kickboxing star Wayne Barrett is on the way up, you could say, with a kickboxing career that has shown tons of promise in GLORY, where he’s only had one loss, which was against Joe Schilling at the recent GLORY Last Man Standing tournament. It was announced today that adidas has signed Wayne Barrett to a sponsorship deal, making the American GLORY star even more prominent.

“When I started to fight, the biggest thing that drove me was being around those that have been through the fire and still stood tall. When adidas offered me to chance to be part of the family, I knew that this was a company that would stand by me as an athlete,” said Wayne “Afro Samurai” Barrett. “Remaking yourself and staying ahead of the competition is what a fighter has to do in order to be on top. adidas has long been a force behind the world of combat sports and martial arts and continues to stay on top of its game. I plan on doing the same.”

Adidas recently started making a big push into MMA, it’s nice to see them pushing into kickboxing as well.