Dennis Siver: I Fight Everybody!

Dennis Siver has been on a tear in the UFC’s Lightweight Division with notable wins recently over George Sotiropoulos and Andre Winner. We caught up with this very exciting fighter hailing out of Mannheim, Germany as he prepares to meet Matt Wiman at UFC 132 on July 2nd.


Ingo Weigold: We spoke with you prior to your UFC 127 bout with George Sotiropoulos, you mentioned launching a campaign this year to “Support MMA” in Germany. How is that going?

Dennis Siver: We have just launched the website and started to promote the campaign! Everybody who knows about it loves the idea. We will clarify through this promotion that MMA is not a brutal & violent sport at all! There are plenty of rules. Our goal is, that MMA will be accepted as a sport, that UFC events can take place – more often – in Germany and that you are allowed to watch UFC & MMA events on TV again.

IW: If fans of MMA in Germany and across Europe want to get involved with helping your cause, what’s the best way to do that?

DS: Try to be a role model, have discipline, don´t get into street fights and wear the “Support MMA” shirt, to increase the awarness of the letters MMA in public.

IW: When we asked fans to send in questions for this interview, the predominant one was in regards to your spinning back kick. Is that a move that is still in your arsenal or do you feel opponents have learned to watch for it?

DS: No, I still love this kick! It´s one of the most powerful kicks! It´s still my weapon but not my secret weapon anymore 😉

IW: If you are ever in the Chicago area, we would love to see you stop by our gym FLO MMA to show us the intricacies of the spinning back kick. I may even let you mule kick me once, with lots of padding of course 🙂

DS: This will still hurt…can’t wait to visit Chicago 🙂.

IW: With your recent dominating performance at UFC 127, it’s my opinion that you should have been given a top 5 opponent. Do you feel like you are near a title shot with a victory over Wiman?

DS: Yes and no, there are too many fighters in line. But if I perform well and win, waybe after one or two fights, I hopefully will get the shot.

IW: Is the 155lb the most stacked division in MMA in your opinion?

DS: Yes, it is. Now with the merging of WEC even more so.

IW: Speaking of Matt Wiman, who comes off a very impressive performance over Cole Miller, what made you decide to take this fight? Was there anything else on the table?

DS: The UFC mentioned him, they wanted me to fight him, so I signed. I fight everybody the UFC wants me to. Matt is a strong opponent, you can´t underestimate him, he is dangerous!

IW: Your training camp has been going well leading into UFC 132? Doing anything differently or still training at KIBOJU in Mannheim?

DS: KIBOJU is my “home gym”. Most of the time I train there, but twice a week I´m focussing on my ground game at Alliance in Frankfurt and I´m improving my wrestling in another wrestling club.

IW:What sort of problems does a wrestler like Wiman present for a fighter like yourself?

DS: You know, if I can keep the distance, it´s perfect. If he comes close, it´s alright as well. I can fight in every distance and my wrestling and ground game is also underestimated. But I love to bang and brawl.

IW: You showed improved takedown defense in your last fight which will come in handy here. In your opinion, will this fight take place standing or on the ground and do you feel comfortable either way since you have continued to work on your overall MMA game?

DS: I think he will try to take me down, because on my feet, I´m to dangerous. I will try to fight standing up. If we hit the mat, I try to get top position and ground and pound him. But you know, it´s a fight you never ever know how it´s ending. Just think about Belfort vs. Silva – one kick KO.

IW: Anything else you would like to tell the fans before we go?

DS: Thanks to my sponsors, fans and training partner! Thanks to MMANUTS for this interview. I will try to give my best at UFC 132 to – Entertain the fans!