Comprido: Brock Lesnar Will Finish Alistair Overeem Via 2nd Rd Head Kick TKO

We talk with World Champion BJJ Coach of Brock Lesnar about his upcoming fight at UFC 141 on Decemeber 30th against Alistair Overeem.


Ingo: I’m joined by Comprido who is Brock Lesnar’s Jiu Jitsu coach. They have a big fight coming up this
Friday at UFC 141. Comprido, how are you doing today?

Comprido: I’m fine, how are you guys doing?

Ingo: Pretty Good. Thank You. I just wanted to ask you a few questions. What’s it like to train like a big
fight like this during the holidays with Christmas and New Years. Does that effect how you approach
training at all?

Comprido: No, we have to keep the same focus; we cannot split time with Christmas and the fight, the
holidays. We’re still able to celebrate a little bit and get together with the family and training.

Ingo: So you had an opportunity to spend some time with family you guys weren’t in the camp the
entire time over the weekend. At least you had some free time. Right?

Comprido: Yeah, so the camp doesn’t start. I had a chance to go and spend a few days in Brazil. I’m
coming back and I’m back on my way to Vegas now.

Ingo: Do you have any thoughts on the fact that this is one of the first times that they are doing this on
a Friday. Since Brock has been one of the biggest pay per view draws in UFC history do you think that’s
going to affect at all the buy rate and are people going to forget that it’s Friday and wake up Saturday
morning and go oh man I missed the fight or so you think people know?

Comprido: I think people will know. The UFC does very good job advertising. I think most of the
people know when the fight will take place. I think its better Friday than Saturday than on New Year’s
Eve. New Years Eve is very popular in Japan. I don’t know how it is for the rest of the world. I believe
December 30th is a nice day.

Ingo: How’s Brock looking these days? Obviously he’s had a lot of health issues over the last couple of
years. Is he healthy; is he back to his weight? Up almost close to 300 pounds as he was before all the
health problems started?

Comprido: Man, he is in very good health now. And he’s been doing a lot of techniques. So, I can
guarantee you guys he will put on a big show for everyone to watch.

Ingo: And his training is going pretty well and obviously you’ve been working with him for a while.
What’s it like to train with a guy that is as big and as strong as Brock Lesnar?

Comprido: If he was just a big and strong guy it would not be that bad, the problem is the guy is a
national champion in wrestling and doing Jiu Jitsu for a long time and training striking for a long time so
he’s increasing his experience but definitely not enjoyable.

Ingo: Yeah, it’s probably a lot of hard work.

Comprido: Yeah it’s a lot of work.

Ingo: Do you think that’s an issue for Brock coming up the fact that he hasn’t fought so much? Is ring
rust a factor or do you feel or believe in ring rust yourself or does it matter?

Comprido: No, I don’t think it will affect his performance. I think he’s really well prepared for this fight.
Mentally, physically, technically. I think he’s well prepared and I don’t think this will take a major place
on the fight.

Ingo: Give us your thoughts on Overeem as an opponent. Obviously, everyone knows he’s a strong
striker and there’s a possibility of him to try and go for a guillotine. Do you feel like that’s something
you guys have been working on or what do you fell is going on with Overeem as far as an opponent.

Comprido: Overeem is a great opponent. He was K1 champion in 2011 and Strikeforce champion.
He has skills on the ground. He had a fight for Abu Dhabi before and he definitely has skills standing.
I feel we worked hard enough, smart enough, to go around his strength, techniques. So I’m really
comfortable with this fight. I think we did everything we should do. I think Brock will get his hand raised
at the end of the day.

Ingo: How do you feel like this fights going to play out? Are we looking at a three round war? Is there
going to be an early finish? Obviously, you’re looking for Brock to win. Basically, what are your thoughts
on how does it play out?

Comprido: I think maybe second round… Brock will TKO Overeem with a head kick.

Ingo: OK. That’s something you guys have been game planning for? You’ve got Pat Barry now in your
training camp I’ve been reading. Maybe Brock’s been learning some stand up from him? OK. Very
good. I know fans want to know, there’s been a lot of rumors around the web that Brock’s going to
retire and what not. Do you feel, win or lose, Brock’s going to be back in the Octagon and we’re going to
see him fight plenty more times in the coming year.

Comprido: Listen, I can just tell from my own students, don’t’ believe in rumors when the subject is
Brock. If Brock has something to say to you he will come public and he will tell you. That’s the way
he always plays with his fans. So, if you guys like Brock. I never hear Brock mention anything about
retirement. I don’t know why people still believe in this false information. The one day that he is ready
to retire I’m sure he will come to the public and let everyone know about it.

Ingo: Anything else you want to talk about before we let you go? I know you’re very busy and you said
you were getting on a plane. Any topics you want to cover or anyone you want to thank?

Comprido: I want to thank everyone from DeathClutch Team to put in a lot of effort for the training for
this fight. I really think we have a successful camp and really confident on the results. I also want to let
you guys know that we have another camp in September. Jiu Jitsu camp. Brazilian Black Belt camp will
take place in Cancun and will be a very nice opportunity to learn a little bit of Jiu Jitsu and have some
fun. So check it out on our web page Have a happy holiday, happy new
year, watch the fight.