Years Later a Halo 3 Easter Egg is Revealed

It’s been quite a while since Halo 3 came and went. In fact, the Halo franchise has moved over to 343 Industries and continued to march forward without the team at Bungie at the helm. Bungie will be launching their first non-Halo title in what feels like forever this September with Destiny (the beta starts next week on PS4!), so it feels topical to talk about Bungie’s Halo 3 almost. Apparently there was one last easter egg in the game that no one had discovered yet.

Why? Because it was crazy specific. It had to be done on December 25th during a loading menu, with you pressing both control sticks in, bringing up a faint message in the loading ribbon. Apparently it was Adrian Perez’s message to his wife, Lauren, on her birthday. Yes, it says “Happy Birthday Lauren.”

So that is it, that is Halo 3’s swan song; Happy Birthday Lauren. It almost seems fitting. We can all move on now.