Watch Dogs Hacked So You Can Play as a Stripper

I guess that we were all 14 at one point and that right now someone might be 14, so it makes sense that people still want to play their favorite games and see nude characters. Hell, when I was 14 games didn’t look as good as they do now. Watch Dogs is the latest game to get someone to hack it and get some extended nudity going on. Of course, it’s nothing that wasn’t already in the game already.

There were already strippers in the game, so when this clever dude decided to delve into the game a bit and do some hacking of his own he found it pretty easy to swap out Aiden for the stripper model. So this video below shows what it’s like to play Watch Dogs as a topless woman, which is interesting. There is also a way to play Watch Dogs on PC as a fully nude woman, which is linked in the YouTube video description, but you won’t see us linking to it. Oh no, we aren’t culpable for those things, that is up to you.

I’m still not sure what the appeal is, but then again, Watch Dogs is already full of weird bugs, why not create some of your own?