The Walking Dead S2 Ep. 4 Releases Next Week

Telltale’s The Walking Dead has been one of the best game series to pop up over the past few years. It has offered more of an experience with rich storytelling and characters than a game of this scale has seen in forever. Clementine is legitimately one of the great game heroines that we’ve probably ever had, probably because she’s not much of a hero at all, she’s just surviving. Telltale just wrapped up season one of The Wolf Among Us, now they look to start the finishing run for season two of The Walking Dead with episode four, “Amid the Ruins.”

Episode four is due out on July 22nd for PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and Vita, July 23rd on Xbox 360. Episode four will be released on iOS on July 24th. So check out the trailer for Amid the Ruins and get ready for more Clem. All that I know is that this is getting really, really good now. The Walking Dead has been on fire and this looks to be no different.