Spotify to be exclusive to PlayStation ‘for the foreseeable’ future

Spotify will remain exclusive to PlayStation platforms “for the foreseeable” future, Sony has revealed.  The music streaming service, which launches on PS4 and PS3 today, allows console owners to stream their Spotify playlists directly through their console. However, it won’t be coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Wii U any time soon, Sony suggests.

Speaking to Eurogamer, UK marketing director Murray Pannell explained that while the exclusivity period is still “to be decided exactly”, it will only be available on PlayStation platforms “for the foreseeable [future]”.

“I guess there’s a long-term strategic play here, which is that for a long time, a lot of developments in the industry prioritised personal listening of music – starting from the Sony Walkman, right?” Spotify’s head of global product marketing Tim Grimsditch added. “We noticed a few years ago that we were investing a lot of time in creating a very personal experience; people were spending a lot of time with their headphones in, but they maybe weren’t finding it as easy to play music at home any more.

“So we’ve been on a mission for a couple of years now, which includes the development of [Spotify] Connect, to try and create effectively the ultimate home listening experience for the streaming listener. This is really a big leap in that evolution. [PlayStation has] huge scale, a really powerful device, and an audience that’s a really close fit for the Spotify audience.”

The PS4 and PS3 Spotify app is available to download today.