Silent Hill Coming Back Thanks to Hideo Kojima

So first there was a teaser for this mysterious “P.T” that was showing up everywhere.

Then there was an interactive teaser released for fans today, which apparently lets you download what is sort of a demo for a horror game. It is apparently pretty damned scary, too. Here’s a look at some of the gameplay for those that are interested.

So what, exactly, is this? Why, it’s a new Silent Hill game, called Silent Hills. It is starring none other than Norman Reedus, of Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead fame. That’s not all, oh no. Who is making this game? Legendary developer Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame along with Guillermo del Toro, the legendary filmmaker. Whoa. Crazy, right?

I’m not kidding, Silent Hills is apparently a real thing.