Rainbow Six Siege Looks Pretty Incredible

I love the idea of the siege in videogames. In fact, if you were to find where most of my gaming hours have been spent over the past year it would be in games where you can play a siege mode of one group defending and one group attacking. I just love the concept of digging in and defending against all-comers or finding a way to overcome the defenses and claim territory. So Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is apparently all about sieges, as the name suggests.

It kind of came out of nowhere in what is a rather tired series that still has its hardcore fans, but not much else. This trailer for Rainbow Six Siege shows you just how into this game all of these publications that got their hands on it felt, with all of it glowing (obviously). Honestly, I know it’s Ubisoft and everything, but Rainbow Six Siege looks really, really awesome.