PS4 System Update 2.0 Released Date Announced

PlayStation 4’s System Update 2.0 will begin rolling out to all users next Tuesday, October 28, Sony announced earlier today.  This has been long awaited, and it’s a pleasant surprise that the new firmware is coming so sudden.  System Update 2.0 introduces multiple new features to the console, including Custom Themes, a USB Music Player, and SharePlay, a new gameplay streaming feature that lets players share their games with their friends.  This feature was announced last year during the original PS4 announcement.

SharePlay lets users hand control of their games over to PSN friends in 60 minute sessions, or let their friend join them in a multiplayer game even if they don’t own the title. Every PS4 game that uses the DualShock 4 is said to be compatible with the feature.  2.0 also adds a new Friend Finder that recommends new friends, adds improvements to live broadcasting, and tweaks the Content Area to display the 15 most recently used games and apps so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the left to access your content.

Source: @PlayStationEU