Oh my god Oh My God, Firefly Online is a Real Thing

We’ve heard rumblings about there being a Firefly game being made for a while now, but man, it was always chalked up to just some obsessive fans who just couldn’t let Joss Whedon’s cult classic show (and feature film) go. Trust me, I get it, I make my pilgrimage each year and watch the series, followed by Serenity. But did I ever expect that anyone would really make a game about Firefly in 2014? No.

But it’s happening, oh it’s happening. This video was released yesterday. Firefly Online is going to be a strategic online RPG that will launch in Spring of 2015. It’s a bit delayed because they actually secured all of the original cast to do some voice acting for the game, which is pretty cool. Will this be a great game or just a cash-in? Who knows, but the concept alone of Firefly Online is enough to keep me interested.