Next PS4 Firmware Update Probably Adding Media Playback

If there is one thing about the PlayStation 4 (PS4) that bothers me, it is that the system doesn’t play media. Theoretically, outside of the lack of HBO Go, the big thing that I’m missing on PS4 is the ability to play back videos and music like I could on my PS3. It’s the main reason (outside of the games I still want to go back to) why my living room is still housing a PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4 right now. That could change, though. It could change soon.

Sony has made it known that a new PS4 firmware update is coming soon, now according to rumors, this firmware update will include media playback. My god.

This is very exciting news and definitely a welcome change for the PlayStation 4, that has been sorely lacking in this one area for seemingly no reason.