GTA Online Heists Launches: official patch notes released

GTA 5’s Online Heists are rolling out now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. The mode will be part of the PC version when it launches April 14.  Along with the new game modes, the devs have released a huge update to coagulate alongside the long awaited mode.

Below you will find the notes for Update 1.21 (PS3/Xbox 360) and 1.07 (PS4/Xbox One) which are part of the main content push, but not all are necessarily Heists-centric.  You can look over the full notes through the Rockstar Support site, or just get the general notes below.

Additional GTA Online Content

  • Daily Objectives have been added to GTA Online, unlocking at Rank 15. Players will receive Cash and RP rewards for completing all 3 given objectives each day. An additional large cash and RP bonus can be earned for completing all daily objectives for 7 days straight, and then an even bigger award for completing them 28 days straight.
  • New Free Roam Activities have been added to GTA Online. These unlock at Rank 15.
  • Destroy Vehicle
  • Distract Cops
  • Plane Takedown
  • 40 new Awards (including one first person reward for PS4 and Xbox One only) have been added. These awards are for a variety of existing and newly added content, some of which are accompanied by large cash rewards, t-shirt unlocks, or vehicle modification price reductions.
  • 9 new Heist Achievements / Trophies have been added to GTA Online.
  • New vehicles have been added to the in-game vehicle websites and are immediately available for purchase. 11 existing vehicles have also been added to the various in-game websites for purchase.
  • New vehicles will also unlock for purchase as players complete Heist missions.
  • Players can now buy and save up to 30 personalised licence plates for their stored GTA Online vehicles via the iFruit App.
  • A wide range of new outfits, clothing and customization items for male and female characters as well as new gear have been added across in-game stores
  • New Heist gear items have been added to Ammu-Nation in GTA Online (these items become available to purchase after completing the Heists):

New Features / Updates

Changes have been made to the Matchmaking options and UI. This affects:
Next Job Voting Screen

  • There are now 2 pages of jobs down from 3.
  • The first page will display only Jobs of the same type you just finished playing, including a “Random” option. For example, if you just finished playing Rooftop Rumble, only Missions will appear on the new first page, and you will have a “Random Mission” option.
  • The second page will show a random selection of jobs, similar to how the Next Job Voting Screen works now, to allow players to change Job types if desired.

On Call

  • Quick Jobs will now place the player On Call.
  • Players who choose to join Jobs using the phone’s Quick Job function will now be shown which Job they will be joining.


  • Players who are not the Host are now able to send Job invites when in a lobby for a Job, so long as the Host sets the Client Invites option to Open (visible on the Matchmaking screen when in a lobby). Please note that only Hosts can invite to Head to Head and Challenge Playlists.
  • A new invite option has need added – “From Last Heist”. This option allows players to invite all players from a previous Heist in the session. This will only appear if there are players to invite.

The following Job types now have limited durations while in Open lobbies to mitigate lengthy settings chosen by some hosts (Please note that all options are still available for private, friends, and crew only sessions):

  • Deathmatch – Maximum time of 20 minutes
  • Capture, LTS, Versus and Adversary Mode (max rounds) – 4 (2 Team Mission), 3 (3 Team Mission), 2 (4 Team Mission)

Online Menu

  • Join Job has been renamed to Quick Job.
  • Host Job has been renamed to Play Job.