God of War team working on ‘next big franchise’

Sony Santa Monica is working on its “next big franchise”, according to comments made by SCEA president Shawn Layden.  God of War: Ascension was the last game in the series, and we haven’t heard anything else on the franchise since last year.

Discussing recent conversations surrounding women in the games industry with VentureBeat, Layden explained that it’s “something we all take on board as individual corporations. We are best in class — or close to it, certainly – in this industry.

“In the development group we have Shannon Studstill, who runs our whole Santa Monica operation,” he continued. “She’s going to bring the next big franchise out from there.”

While Sony has yet to announce Santa Monica Studio’s next project, the studio is currently assisting with development on Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture with The Chinese Room and The Order: 1886 with Ready at Dawn.

Layden’s comments, however, suggest Santa Monica is working on their own big title.