Gearbox Software’s Next IP Announced – Battleborn

Gearbox Software are perhaps best known from their work on the smash-hit Borderlands titles, but coming in early 2016 will be Gearbox’s newest IP for next generation consoles; Battleborn. It’s not really clear what exactly Battleborn will be just yet outside of a co-operative first person shooter with multiplayer. Will it be a lot like Borderlands just in a new setting? It’s not clear from their press materials just yet, but it does look like it’ll be a lot of fun.

Today Gearbox and 2K released a first look teaser to get everyone amped up over the announcement of Battleborn. Of course, it is still a long ways off. This video doesn’t tell us much, but does tell us not to expect a standard-run shooter from this one, with there being a bow and arrow, a cane-rifle and a lot of melee weapons highlighted. Could Gearbox be hopping aboard the melee game train with Battleborn? I sure hope so.