Game of Thrones mobile game is a huge deal for Warner

The Game of Thrones mobile game from Warner Bros. will probably be the publisher’s most expensive title created for mobile platforms, but it is currently still very early in development reports Develop.

The untitled Game of Thrones game is said to be even bigger budgeted than high profile mobile versions of Mortal Kombat X, Batman: Arkham Underworld and DC Comics Legends, says Warner’s senior VP of mobile, social and emerging platforms Greg Ballard.

“It’s still going through changes on the design at this point,” said Ballard.

“That’s the beauty of mobile games, they change a lot over the course of development, and it comes together at the end and you sort of say, ‘wow, that was really amazing how you did that.’

“But if you look at it now in bits and pieces, it looks like an automobile in a shop, with the engine over here, the chassis over here and the suspension being worked on over there. There’s a little bit of that going on with Game of Thrones right now.

“It will probably end up being our highest budget game in our history, just looking at the trajectory of the development. I think it will be, fingers crossed, worthy of the series.”

Source: Develop