Forza 2 Horizon Video Review

Check out our Forza 2 Horizon video review below. With over 200 cars detailed to perfection all tuned individually to feel distinct from one another, this may be the best open world racing game on the market today. The backdrop is set in the South of France and Northern Italy giving us a beautiful rendition of the Mediterranean coastline as you explore the open world.

My son and I have spent countless hours goofing off in the airport with its many jumps and opportunities to earn skill points. Accumulating combos in this rendition of Forza Horizon is very satisfying as it allows you to unlock points you can trade for permanent perks.

Where Forza Horizon 2 really shines this year is the seamless transition into the online mode with its open races and the super addictive Rivals mode where you can compete with friends for records.

Forza 2 mmanuts



Just as Forza 5, Horizon 2 uses all AI driver profiles from your friends list to fill out starting grids during your career mode and open world racing. This is a welcome addition this year and really gives the game a living and breathing feel.

Lastly the graphics are visually stunning both during the day and at night with real-time lighting and excellent weather effects to round out the experience.





8.8 Solid!


  • Large Car Roster
  • Loaded With Events
  • Excellent Graphics, Lighting and Weather


  • Can't Turn Off Liveries
  • Story A Bit Weak
Graphics 9.2
Gameplay 8.8
Career Mode 8.5
Multiplayer 8.9