EA Offering Battlefield 4 for Free on Origin for One Week Trial

For those who have been holding off on Battlefield 4 and have a PC able to handle it, now might be the perfect time to give Battlefield 4 a shot. As a part of EA’s Origin Game Time promotion, from now until August 12th you’ll be able to add Battlefield 4 to your Origin account and you’ll have 168 hours to play BF4 until you are prompted to buy that. No, those aren’t total hours played, it is consecutive hours.

So as soon as you launch Battlefield 4 you have 168 hours to play as much of BF4 for free until the timer runs out and you have to buy the game. Not a bad deal, honestly, but we’ll see if it works out. They are hoping that those who purchased Battlefield 4 and haven’t been playing it (like yours truly) will come back due to an influx of new players, but we’ll see if this is enough to wash away the taste of all of the failures the game experienced.