Dying Light isn’t native 1080p on Xbox One

The Xbox One version of Dying Light doesn’t render at full 1080p or run as smoothly as the PS4 version, according to the analytic experts at Digital Foundry.

While the site acknowledges that it’s still trying to determine the exact resolution of the Xbox One version, its initial report suggests that the game runs at a native resolution of 1536×1080 “or something very close to it”, leading to a “basic 20 per cent pixel drop in the overall pixel count” when compared with the PS4 version’s native 1080p output.

The Xbox One version also “falters a bit when it comes to sustaining its target [30fps] frame-rate”, the site says, running “tangibly worse than PS4, with specific areas of the city and certain sequences operating at a lower level of performance on the Microsoft console”.  In comparison, the PS4 version is said to run at a “locked 30fps with very minor dips in certain circumstances”.

“Once you set foot outside the two games look very similar,” the site adds.  Dying Light launched digitally on PS4 and PC today, with a release following this Friday on Xbox One.