Destiny is getting a ‘major content release’ later this year, excluding House of Wolves

Destiny is to receive a “major content release” later this year in addition to the previously announced expansion House of Wolves, Activision has announced.

While the publisher has yet to detail the content contained within the release, an earlier leak points towards it being a major expansion pack titled ‘Comet: Plague of Darkness’, which will feature a number of new story missions, Crucible maps, and of course a new raid.

Meanwhile, a blog post published by Bungie earlier this evening also teased that something big could be coming to Destiny this autumn.

“The Bungie Blog is your finest source of guaranteed Destiny news,” read the post. “Enjoy the speculation and discussion that makes an Internet community fun, but stay tuned here so we can go on record about what awaits you as ‘Q2’ draws nearer.

“And on a long enough timeline, we’ll also talk about what we’re planning for this Fall.”

Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves, is due to release sometime in the coming months.