“D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die” Available Friday for $14.99

Today, Microsoft announced that “D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die” will be available for download starting this Friday, Sept. 19 for $14.99. The latest title from SWERY, “D4” takes players on the journey of a time-traveling detective seeking to solve — and subsequently prevent — his wife’s murder.


Features only on Xbox One:

  • Directed and written by SWERY, the auteur cult creator of “Deadly Premonition.”
  • Kinect allows for advanced gesture and English voice control from a comfortable seated position. Or, play with the controller (and switch to Kinect during gameplay as you wish); Kinect isn’t required to play.
  • Kinect gestures replicate the hero’s actions and emotions in each scene, fully immersing the player into the game.
  • Cinematic murder mystery story-style with unique next-gen art direction.
  • Rankings show how players performed vs. others at the end of each episode, providing retrospective moral insight.