BioWare Unveils Newest Project: Shadow Realms

If you are like me you’ve been getting emails from BioWare at all hours of the night asking if you are “the one” and so forth. It’s clearly been a marketing ploy to go “viral” for their newest game. That’s fine, whatever. Today they finally revealed it, though. The game is called Shadow Realms and it will be a PC only (for now) online cooperative RPG game where you’ll have special powers and fight an evil dude called the Shadow Lord.

Apparently you’ll be able to play in parties of four, or you can play as the Shadow Lord on your own. It’s not exactly clear how the gameplay in Shadow Realms works, but they have stated that no two playthroughs will be the same and that they will release episodic updates for the main story quest of Shadow Realms. They are calling Shadow Realms a callback to pen-and-paper RPGs, where the Shadowlord will control everything that goes on in the game (think like a dungeon master in DnD).

Here is a video from IGN showing the game in action.

There’s no release date just yet, just late 2015.