UFC 221 and Bellator 194 Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 371

UFC 221 and Bellator 194 Recap

UFC 221 interesting things [5:00]
Luke Rockhold vs Yoel Romero [9:15]
Mark Hunt vs Curtis Blaydes [17:21]
Matt Mitrione vs Roy Nelson [20:30]
Heather Hardy weigh in controversy [22:54]
UFC 220 PPV Buy rate [25:10]
Zuffa attorneys claim no unions make them more money [27:00]
Vitor Belfort vs Lyoto Machida [29:30]
CM Punk Vs Floyd Mayweather [30:30]
Chuck Liddell coming back for a fight [33:20]
Matt Brown wants a piece of Snoop Dogg [34:22]
Rough N’ Rowdy [35:43]
Rumors of GSP vs Nick Diaz 2 floating around. Who wins? [39:00]

If you could replace a fighters personality with another fighter who do you choose? [39:30]

I’m going to describe a fight in 5 words or less and see if you can guess it

Who will have a better legacy in MMA, Anderson Silva or Jon Jones? [42:28]

Ariel Helwani vs Dana White in a MMA fight. Who wins? [43:20]
Who would win in a Fight: Batman or Black Panther? [43:44]
Would you rather sing like an opera star or cook like a gourmet chef? [44:17]
One will spend the night with you and have the greatest sex of your life with, One will fight you and give you a beating of your life time and the One will put you on the friend zone and forever will be your friend. Choose from this options (Cat Zingano, Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey)? [44:30]
F*** Marry Kill “Firefly Series Edition”: Kaylee, Inara, and Zoe

Black Mirror [47:01]

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