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Thread: Mark Hunt vs Wanderlei Silva

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    Mark Hunt vs Wanderlei Silva

    Basically Mark Hunt is beaten up and down by Silva until Hunt goes absolutely crazy.

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    It was pretty crazy that Wand was able to survive, roids or no roids. I can't wait til Hunt fights Bigfoot. There's no way that fight goes out of the 1st round, in favor of Hunt.

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    I can watch this fight a million times and not get bored watching it was a good fight I always enjoy watching Hunt fight can't wait for his next upcoming fight!

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    My favorite part is of course when Hunt just goes flat out crazy and jumps on Silva. How Silva lived through that butt stomp, I'll never know.

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    All Hunt fights are good fights. He's not very consistent... except that he's consistently fun to watch.
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    Awesome fight, Mark Hunt really got the better of Wanderlei in this fight. A big guy with a lot of heart, I think that's what gave Mark Hunt the win. Good video editing too, thanks for the share.

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