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Thread: Anderson Silva in a pro boxing match

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    Anderson Silva in a pro boxing match

    Found this on youtube and thought it was pretty fascinating. Cool to see the similarities and differences from his MMA striking

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    I really like the way he dug his body shots. Good jab, too. I bet he would be a great cruiserweight boxer had that been his combat sport of choice. He'd probably have a reach advantage over most people at that weight, too.

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    Silva really knows his stuff. He fights like a pro boxer too. Is it me or does Anderson's upper body look a lot bigger here?

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    Silva is really good. I think we're gonna see more MMA fighters taking a shot at boxing too. Less ways to strike but still can beat your opponent down.

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    I didn't know Silva was that good of a boxer I expect in the future for other MMA fighters to follow a similar path to improve their overall skills!

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    That was surprisingly good, I mean you can expect him to me a decent boxer but this was much better than just decent.

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    Anderson is such a legend, I will always respect him... he isn't only a MMA legend, but also used to be great boxer. Sometimes I forget that. Thanks for sharing this video The transition this guy made to MMA was amazing, this guy was born for combat sports!

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    Anderson Silva is a born warrior. When I first saw him fight against Rich Franklin for the title, I could not believe how slim he was; he was like a freak of nature. I instantly realized that he was a human weapon. He would use whatever appendage available to attack any opening he could find. You do not see this in many fighters

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    I love Anderson Silva. He's got great movement and shows good form when he throws the hand. Although he seems to leave is chin open before and after he engages. Good thing he's had sessions with Freddie Roach, I'm sure he is able to correct them now. Good stuff!

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