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Thread: Lesnar vs Carwin UFC 116

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    Lesnar vs Carwin UFC 116

    Brock's best fight in my opinion. For all his flaws, he showed tremendous resilience to survive Carwin's early barrage. Some will argue that the referee could have stopped the fight in the first round was Carwin was unloading on Lesnar but I think he took the right decision in letting it go on.

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    Too bad the video was taken down. I agree, probably the best fight for Brock Lesnar. If he kept that up, he would have really gone somewhere in the UFC.

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    Brock's best fight was Lesnar v Mir 2. His fight against Carwin showed his 'human' side for the first time, but I'm one of those who thought it should have been stopped. But the one sided whopping he laid on Mir in their second fight showcased that Lesnar was a credible threat to the division, at least at that time.
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    To bad the video was removed to be honest I don't know what his best fight was even though I liked him in the WWF he was not one of my favorite MMA fighters.

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    I remember watching this at my uncle's house with all of his macho-cop buddies and we were all flipping shit during the first round
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    Oh I remember this fight. I think it was one of Lesnar's best for sure. Definitely had me on the edge of my seat. I think Lesnar had a very good UFC career despite what many people want to say about him.

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    Lesnar was an absolute beast in that fight. I also agree with TPhoenix that Lesnar had a good UFC career. There were times where he really showed some skills and looked dominant.

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    It was definitely his best fight so far. I am a big fan of his. I think he has a bright future ahead.

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    It was really a great fight, very entertaining and showcased his skills and resilience. Wanted to see more fights like this from him.

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