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Thread: Who ya got in a Silva/Weidman Rematch?

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    Who ya got in a Silva/Weidman Rematch?

    I was reading today that there is going to be a rematch between Silva & Weidman in December or February, despite what Silva said after his loss. Dana White says it could be the biggest fight in the sports history.

    Who ya got in the rematch? Is Weidman for real? Is his win a fluke because Silva was clowning around? Could Weidman defeat Silva way he is actually trying?

    Personally, I think Silva will murder Weidman if they fight again. Weidman was slowing down noticeably in round two of their first fight. Silva should not have goofed off as much as he did but he looked like he could have stopped Weidman any time he wanted to. I think Silva will come in focused the second time around and Weidman won't get out of the first round.

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    I am with Dave, I think Silva does not clown around in the rematch and puts Weidman to sleep. Still on the fence about the first fight, I really feel in my hear that Silva did not want to win that one.

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    Yup, I am on team Silva. I believe he will be more serious this time and train even harder to avoid any such blows that he received the last fight.

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    I'm not a huge fan of Anderson Silva but I know hes a super talented , one-of-a-kind fighter. I felt like Anderson under estimated Weidman pre and during their fight. I'd bet Anderson Silva didn't take his training for this fight very seriously. Losing the belt and ending his 7 year reign is a huge thorn on his side. If this fight happens, I'm sure Silva will train like never before to get back at Weidman and regain his title. I agree, it has potential to be one of the biggest fights in UFC history.

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    I'm picking Silva to win the rematch. I do think that a lot of people have played off Weidman's win as a fluke, or that he was just lucky because Silva's heart wasn't in it. Silva was definitely acting weird before the fight, like in this interview with Ariel

    ...but Silva fought hard to get out of the submission attempt in the first round, and I think his mind games with Weidman were working, despite the fact that Weidman said he was ready for them. After Silva started really taunting Weidman, he didn't try taking Silva down again. Silva just goofed, he got overzealous with his antics, and got knocked out. I think if Silva does win this fight, he'll relinquish the belt anyway. It seems like he doesn't want the pressure of being champ anymore, and wants exciting matchups instead.

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    I very much agree with the rest of you, Silva didn't take Weidman seriously and got caught. Like most fans, I was actually glad to see it, I've grown tired of him goofing off in the octagon and disrespecting his opponents. His bout with Demain Maia being an obvious example. But a focussed and determined Anderson Silva? That's a scary prospect for anyone and I really don't see any way that Weidman can take that Silva unless he lands another big punch out of nowhere.

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    I think Silva messed around more than he should have and he knows it. I think in a Silva/Weidman rematch, Weidman may find himself in trouble on the ground. Although by no means I think it was a "lucky strike" that ended Silva's Reign, but I also don't think Ten fights is enough to show the true talent of someone. A serious and focused Anderson Silva would be a horrifying idea to anyone honestly.

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    As much as I want Weidman to win it because of Silva's antics in the previous fight, I think it's a near certainty that Silva will take him out if he is sufficiently focused and hungry for victory. I mean no offence to Weidman that was a really good shot which knocked Silva out but Anderson Silva is one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time and he'll be raring to go after that loss.

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    I'm with the majority. I think that Silva goes into the same mind frame as he did against Chael the second time around. No BS, no dancing... just an exclamation point.

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    There are times to be serious and times to reflect and this fight is as big a make or break for Silva as there is in his career. He needs to destroy Weidman and very convincingly which I believe that he will and leave no doubt about his place in the sport. Every champ falls from time to time it is how you reclaim the crown that everyone remembers. I think after a terse round one, Weidman gets finished in the second or third round with Silva just draped all over him and being the suffocating force that has kept him pound for pound the best MMA fighter on the planet.

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