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Thread: Sports betting on UFC

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    Sports betting on UFC

    Anyone doing this? I'm just starting but I find it to give a nice additional thrill to watching the fights.

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    All the time, I have been doing it off and on since 2008 and I have a few friends and we will pool some money together and usually bet on Silva when he fights or if we just know a guy is going down, even if we have to put more down just to turn a profit on it. Didn't work out last time though with Anderson, but that man has won me a few dollars for sure.. I really like the prop parlays as well where you pick 4 things to happen at a PPV event and if you hit it you have some good odds in there to make some real money on a twenty. I love betting on football too, I can usually make a couple hundred a weekend picking 3 parlays at $20 a piece and always get at least one usually to cover my money and win almost double on it.

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    Yeah I'm throwing a lot more money at football too. It's better in the sense that you have a lot of games every week so you have a big choice of things to bet on. And you can find nice odds. I usually do systems where I have for example 6 different games. You get 3 of those games right and you're on your own, anything more is a bonus... whereas in UFC generally the odds are horrible so you do need to play with a lot to get something in your pocket.

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    I follow the odds and participate in some fake bet websites but I have not wagered actually money. Crimsonghost is right, the odds on UFC fights make it very difficult to end up with anything meanwhile in your pocket.

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    It's the same with football. People bet on football, soccer, even golf. MMA is a risky bet because it is really difficult to determine who will win. It has many variables like how often they're on the mat, if they're sick and what not. I used to bet on UFC fights all the time but lost too much money due to the unpredictable nature of UFC.

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    I don't bet on lines. But I do occasionally do personal bets with friends, and some times I do active pools like the fantasy pool on Sherdog, for a little cash. But MMA is such as unknown and MMA math doesn't ever matter, that I don't like to allow that much risk to my investments.

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    I only bet on fighting sports, sometimes football (soccer) but just between friends. The money makes things more interesting. I hate to bet in casinos or card games, I like to bet on skill not chance.

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    UFC and Boxing is probably the worst sports to bet at. Betting on basketball is fine but I would not want to do it. I would rather focus on Poker as it's a game of skill.

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    I bet on just about every UFC card, and most WSOF and Bellator cards. I'm not very good at it, but I keep the amounts I bet low and mostly just do it to add some excitement when I'm watching events.

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    I don't bet on fights I just don't have the extra money to throw away I just watch MMA for the enjoyment.

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