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Thread: Sports betting on UFC

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    I used to bet on UFC fights online, but the trend was me losing more money than winning, so I stopped a while back. It's been well over a year since I've placed a bet on a fight.

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    There's no way that I would bet on a UFC fight. There's way too much potential for match fixing just like all the other sports. I don't trust anything that can be bet on and that includes the stock market.

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    Betting on sports is illegal in my country but there is no stringent implementation if the sport is not cricket. Never bet on UFC and don't intend to, I've seen a lot of my friends lose money on it. The Anderson Silva - Weidmann fight probably made a few people very rich and a lot of them rather poor.

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    What country are you in? I also have a lot of friends who lost money betting on UFC fights as well as several other sports. In my opinion they're all crooked to a certain extent. And that doesn't make me an idiot for still watching UFC because I admire the courage and strength of these men. They take a beating and keep coming back for more. I respect all MMA and UFC fighters for doing this.

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