Here are the rules; just assume that all fighters are taken out of time (i.e. in their primes) and placed in today's octagon with today's UFC rules. (No Pride rules or any obscure organizations stand in rules outside of the commissions format.) You can use the tournament style "ladder" format to set your card up, or you can use the more familiar format that the UFC currently uses.

You need to build up 10-12 fights, no more, no less. You need 2 fights on the (pre) preliminary card, and 4-5 on the actual preliminary card. You also need as many fights on the main card. You only get 3 champion matches, or 2 champions match-ups and one non-title super-fight. You have to utilize no less than 4 weight classes on the card. (I.e. you can't have an all heavyweight card, etc.)

Up to you to decide who wins and how. (And all the comments that will stem from the opinions of others, based on your choices.) Or you can simply post your card and let other's comment on your match-ups.

Note: If a fighter has fought at several weight classes, you can "book" them for any of those weights. However, they must have fought at that weight on at least 3 occasions.