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Thread: Chael Sonnen Fails Second Drug Test

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    Chael Sonnen Fails Second Drug Test

    Chael Sonnen yet again fails a drug test, the second in a span of a couple of weeks. This one comes after his abrupt retirement from the sports which some observers view as a ploy to encourage the athletic commission to ease off on the outspoken fighter. MMA fans are still waiting for Dana White and the UFC to comment at length regarding this issue.

    With two failed drug tests, how will the commission handle Sonnen's case and what would be the full verdict?

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    The anti-estro's he could explain away due to his cycling off of TRT... but EPO and HGH are two he cannot. He is 100% done as a fighter in the UFC, but he retired anyways, so it's really a moot point. Both of those 'could' be conceivably be used to promote fertility... and since he and his wife are attempting to make a baby (or were trying/succeeded), I am sure that is the eventual route he'll go when he goes public.
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