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Thread: UFC Fignt Night 44: Is Cub Swanson Ready for a Rematch with Jose Aldo?

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    UFC Fignt Night 44: Is Cub Swanson Ready for a Rematch with Jose Aldo?

    With a unanimous decision win over hard hitting Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 44, Cub Swanson is now on a hot streak winning his last six fights and appears to be on his way to challenge for the featherweight belt currently being held by one Jose Aldo. Swanson suffered a TKO loss to Aldo in their first fight in 2009, succumbing to knees and strikes within 8 seconds of the opening round.

    Is he ready to avenge the loss to Aldo?

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    I think so. The 8 second KO was a fluke (a good one, but still). I believe that Mendes is in line first, but an argument can be made for Cub stepping in line since he has the more impressive wins in both of their last 5 fights. Again, Mendes has a win over Cub, so it's a coin flip.

    If Aldo get's hurt during camp, these two should duke it out for the interim (if he's out for a while), or for the #1 contender slot (if he's not).
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