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Thread: Josh Barnett clarifies Junior dos Santos call out, talks UFC return and Dean Lister

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    Josh Barnett clarifies Junior dos Santos call out, talks UFC return and Dean Lister

    According to Josh Barnett, the story about him wanting to fight Junior dos Santos that was circulating last week (read it here) came entirely from his manager Leland Lebarre, and not from him.

    It's not that he wouldn't be down to fight the former UFC heavyweight champion, but if the man known simply as "The Warmaster" is going to call somebody out, he says he's going to do it in person.

    "I want to fight everybody, but honestly, it was my manager who said it. He made the quote, but he didn't quote me when he said it," Barnett told at the GLORY event over the weekend. "So, I mean sure, whatever, all good by me. I don't call people out. That's why for one, you have to understand grammar and syntax. That's his comment, not mine. If I call someone out, I just show up at their doorstep and fight them right then and there."

    Barnett, 36, last fought at UFC 168, losing by technical knockout to Travis Browne. He said he's "not sure yet" when he will return to the Octagon due to launching a new podcast called "Josh Barnett Conquers the World" and some "movie projects in the works," that he couldn't reveal the titles to or what roles he might have, only that he "has plans."

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    I don't think calling out Junior Dos Santos would be a good idea. But then again, we know Josh Barnett doesn't mince words. I'm just not used to hearing him making clarifications of any sort, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. The guy isn't afraid to fight the best.

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