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Thread: Jordan Era Chicago Bulls: Could They Have Won More?

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    Jordan Era Chicago Bulls: Could They Have Won More?

    In an interview with Ahmad Rashad, Michael Jordan admitted the way the Bulls were dismantled following their 2nd 3-peat still haunts him to this day. Your thoughts on the possibility of them winning more titles had management decided to retain the line-up. Why or why not?

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    Well he retired in 93' which pretty much removed their chances for that season and they had the task of adjusting to a new home-court... so pretty much all up-hill from there. However he is technically correct, in 94' they lost Horace Grant (who went to the eventual champions, Orlando), as well as Cartwright and Williams to free-agency. Paxson retired himself in 94' which probably didn't help, but they got Harper as a result so they probably was the better for it. Plus at the end of the season they picked up Rodman... which pretty much sealed their next three-peat the following years.

    After 98' they lost both Jordan and Coach Jackson... and with them the heart and soul of the team. There is a small possibility that they could have won at least 1 more somewhere in between or after the second three-peat, within the 90's.
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    I totally agree. I think somewhere in between the two three-peats, they could have won 1 more had Jordan didn't lose the motivation to prove himself. They were just dominant at the time.

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