The man who drove his dead girlfriend across the country for 26 hours will not be facing any charges. After all, the man’s dead girlfriend was wearing her seatbelt while riding in the passenger seat during the 1,900-mile road trip across the country from Arizona to Michigan, reported WLWT5 on June 6.

As bizarre as 62-year-old Ray Tomlinson’s cross-country trip with his dead girlfriend, 31-year-old Christine Gilbert, sounds, by having had the corpse wear her seatbelt, he did not break any laws. It is not illegal to transport a dead body across the country. “There is no crime,” said Tomlinson. And police officers agree. According to Warren police Deputy Commissioner Louis Galasso, the strange cross country trip ”involved some ‘bizarre’ judgment and behavior, but wasn't criminal.”

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So what do you guys think? What would you have done if you were in his shoes? Poor guy, he must have freaked out so badly, I know i would! What a scary situation, I guess he just did what he thought would be the best thing to do... hard to think when your gf just passed and you're faraway from home.