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Thread: The Most Haunted Places In America

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    The Most Haunted Places In America

    A sweet and short video! I hope you guys enjoy it, in this video several of the most haunted places in America will be revealed. If you know more, please don't hesitate to discuss it further

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    I grew up in NY State, and I've lived close to, or traveled to some of the most (supposedly) haunted places in the state.

    Farnam House being them most prolific of them.
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    Wooohooo! Interesting I had heard about this house, if I'm not mistaken the gal from the ''Grave Addiction'' web site visited this place and claimed she sensed a weird vibe while she was there! I love that web site, it's full of pictures and stories from other people who were there and experienced something weird. You can actually see some really interesting things in some of those pictures, pretty cool

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    Here is the link to the web site: Please note there is a whole section dedicated to the mothman :O

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