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Thread: Godzilla

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    Yeah, please do! I liked the fact that in this movie Godzilla isn't the villain, he is just the to restore a natural balance! I liked that, we couldn't see much of him, but it was an awesome film

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    Quote Originally Posted by hnatalieann View Post
    I haven't seen it, but I want to. I have to wait for movies to come to video these days.
    Wow really? You wait for movies until the DVD are released? You must have more patience than I do! I love going to the movies during the winter the most tho, but on summer I just wait to watch the movie later... too hot outside! But during winter I'll be at the movies twice a month

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    I don't suggest pirating movies, but sometimes I will watch a recent movie on a streaming site just to gauge if I'll like it or not. But generally I will go to movies the day after it's initial release if it's one I don't mind dropping the dime on, even if I am not sure i'll like it.
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    Lol, I'm sure a lot folks here do the same I applaud you for admitting it first tho. I do the same from time to time, and also end up going to the movies. There are some movies that should be watched at the movies and not at home, I go to watch those to the movies, the rest can be watched at home

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